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Urine Drug Testing has become more common than ever before in our society. And indeed Urine Drug Testing is not even limited to convicted criminals and parolees. These days Urine Drug Testing is a stipulation of employment for all kinds of jobs, and some schools and educational facilities have even implemented Urine Drug Testing as a means of determining student eligibility for things like financial aid, extracurricular activities and even enrollment in classes. This has got innocent, hard-working students all over the nation worried about their academic future simply because they enjoy the occasional recreational use of marijuana. In certain states, some students may even have marijuana medically prescribed to them; however they face the same punishment as anybody else does for failing a drug test.

If you are concerned about Urine Drug Testing because you have smoked a little bit of marijuana, try drinking a lot of water the day before and the day of your test. However, this will leave your urine colorless. To counteract this, you can take Vitamin B. If you are asked for a random Urine Drug Test, tell them that you do not have any identification on you and they won't be able to perform the test. This may be able to buy you enough time to purchase synthetic urine online.

It seems every company jumped on the urine testing bandwagon. Most companies require a pre-employment drug test. While some applicants either stopped using weed or resorted to drinking certain concoctions or taking herbal supplements to "clean" their systems , many are trying to live double lives for financal reasons or convenience by implementing these methods of "cleanliness."

Urine Drug testing is an older drug testing technology. This method's accuracy can be flawed, which is exploited by drug users

Urine drug testing generally detects a drug 2-3 days old in a majority of drugs. Chronic marijuana smokers may be longer.

Procedure of Urine Drug Testing:

Involved is going to a restroom to provide a urine sample. A test card is used right then to obtain immediate results or it is sent away to a lab to get tested via a sophisticated gas analyzer.

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