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See also, 'How to pass a urine drug test'. For more extensive information on a urine drug test visit the Pass Drug Test How To.

A urine drug test is an older drug screening technology. This method has problems historically exploited by drug users.

Most companies request a pre-employment drug test. While some prospective applicants either stopped using weed temporarily, others resorted to drinking certain concoctions or taking herbal supplements to "clean" toxins from the system.

A urine drug test generally detects drug consumption 2-3 days in a majority of drugs, chronic marijuana smokers may be longer. A drug user should simply abstain and drink water to successfully pass their urine drug test.

When having to submit to a Urine Drug Test for employment, you usually have more than enough time to properly clean out your system. First of all, you should be aware that nearly every job opportunity you are going to find will require a Urine Drug Test, and if you are on the job hunt you should refrain from drug use altogether. For those who may face a random Urine Drug Test at any time on any day, they obviously don't have that much time to clean out.

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If this is the case, your best bet to pass a Urine Drug Test when you know that your system is not clean is by diluting your Urine Drug Test sample with warm water. However, companies know this trick as well - and because of this you may be put into a bathroom with no sink, and the toilet water may even be dyed a different color to prevent you from using that. In this case you may have no other option but to deny the test; simply tell them that you don't have an identification card on you at the time. More than likely they will send you home to get it, buying you a little bit more time to try and come up with a clean sample.

A urine drug test procedure usually involves urinating in a cup. Immediate results are obtained through a test card or a specimen which is sent to a lab.

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