tips on passing a drug test
tips on passing a drug test tips on passing a drug test

Tips on Passing a Drug Test

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While it is commonly assumed that anybody who is looking for a Tip on Passing a Drug Test is a criminal, in reality many honest, hard-working and loyal citizens now face drug testing either for their employer or in order to pursue higher education. And if you are one of these citizens who are looking for that one hot Tip on Passing a Drug Test, I've got some bad news - there is no foolproof method for passing any kind of a drug test. However, the good news is that there are several things you can keep in mind when trying to pass a drug test.

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Now ... a few tips on passing a drug test the first being drink plenty of water. Avoid drinking too much, as this will leave your urine without its natural color, but water really can help to 'flush' out your system of any kind of toxins. You may also want to increase exercise or daily activities, as this will help cleanse your system as well.

And one more Tip on Passing a Drug Test, if you decide to try and dilute your urine sample before handing it over for testing, remember to use warm water and never use bleach. You would be surprised at how many people fail their drug tests on account of the temperature of their urine, or because the PH levels are odd due to the bleach.

Despite what drug test companies would have you believe, there are several valid, effective tips on passing a drug test. Unfortunately for every few good tips out there, there are also a dozen god-awful tips on passing that same drug test. We've done the hard looking for you, researched the super tips, thrown out the bad and offer the following sound drug test tips.

  • Exercise everyday up to 48hrs before your drug test.
  • Consume fiber, carbohydrates, vegetables and high protein as normal, but avoid fatty and greasy foods (particularly butters, cream sauces, and fried). Do NOT skip breakfast. Chow down often, but not late at night when your body has nothing to do with those extra calories other than store them as fat.
  • Drinking fluids will help to flush toxins, especially when combined with healthy eating and work-out habits. Just keep some water by you and sip on it all day long. You can down several glasses this way without having to overdo it.
  • Eat red meat and have more sex!
  • Take a vitamin B complex with each time you dine 48 hours before test.
  • If your stomach permits, swallow two Aspirin with each meal.
  • Schedule test for the afternoon.
  • Urinate 6-8 times before test.

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tips on passing a drug test tips on passing a drug test