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Use Stinger 5x Total Detox Drink to pass your urine drug test fast.
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Stinger the Buzz 5X Deep System Cleanser
Stinger the Buzz 5X Deep System Cleanser
How Many?

Stinger Total Detox Drink: Stinger the Buzz 5X Deep System Cleanser

Stinger Detox has a new extra strength detox drink on the market used to pass a urine drug test screening.

Named Stinger 'The Buzz' 5x Deep System Cleanser the reviews of this Stinger Detox Drink have been favorable.

The drink is designed to be used by heavy users or people over 230 pounds.

Normally if you fit the above description you would need to use (2) of the regular Stinger Detox Drinks. Stinger The Buzz 5x simplifies the process of detoxification by only requiring the use of one drink.

If you have high toxin levels or are near or over 230lbs Stinger The Buzz 5X from Stinger Detox drinks is the right choice for you. Stinger The Buzz 5X is 5 times stronger than the regular Stinger detox drinks and works every time guaranteed.

Directions for Stinger The Buzz 5X:

  1. Avoid exposure to UNWANTED TOXINS 48 HOURS prior to using Stinger The Buzz 5X.
  2. Begin by drinking the ENTIRE bottle 60-90 MINUTES before your desired MAXIMUM clean time.
  3. Take your time and DO NOT rush.
  4. After finishing the ENTIRE bottle, refill with water and repeat drinking the ENTIRE contents 4 times.
  5. Urinate when you need to go and AVOID milk or other dairy products.
  6. You can expect MAXIMUM DETOXIFICATION about 60-90 MINUTES after finishing Stinger The Buzz 5X.

Please Note: All directions for Stinger The Buzz 5X are clearly marked on the bottle along with toll free telephone support numbers.

Reviews and feedback for Stinger The Buzz 5X has been amazing!

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