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See also, 'How to pass a saliva drug test' and this website for info on how to pass a saliva drug test.

Saliva is an oral fluid that has been described as an "ultra-filtrate of plasma". Saliva has recently been well established as a drug diagnostic tool in determining many of the molecules that are found. Therefore, by saliva drug testing, one can aquire similar information on the status of a person as one can obtain from whole blood, without the need to collect a specimen invasively. Saliva had long been regarded as one of the prodigal children of biological specimens.

Saliva Drug Tests - The main thing to keep in mind with saliva testing is that it is very effective for detecting recent use only. Saliva testing will not show a history of use but will indicate drug use in the last 1-4 days. Saliva screens cannot detect anything beyond that because the saliva does not hold toxins and is constantly produced by the body because of absorption through swallowing and evaporation due to breathing.

Saliva Drug Test:
Expensive than other drug testing
  • Unintrusive method of drug testing
  • Drug use primarily within the past week
  • More reliable

    When you face a Saliva Drug Test, it is important that you understand the exact procedure that makes up the test, if for no other reason to put your own mind at ease. Having to take a Saliva Drug Test can be a very stressful situation, and with the constant threat of false positives, your system doesn't even have to be dirty in order for you to flunk the Saliva Drug Test.

    First off, remember that a Saliva Drug Test does not require a lab to take the test - it can be administered right there on site (wherever that site may be). Detection of drug toxins in your system begins immediately after use, and it can find traces that are 24 hours to 3 days old.

    You will be asked to remove the collection device from its sealed sleeve, and you will be instructed to hold the device between your gum and cheek for two minutes. Instead of doing this during your Saliva Drug Test, try to hold it between your teeth instead. This is the best way to beat a Saliva Drug Test if you know that your system is dirty. After the two minutes is up, you will be instructed to put the device into a vial and screw it shut to complete the Saliva Drug Test.

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