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The saliva drug test is less common than the urine drug test, but it does have a number of advantages. The saliva drug test is less invasive than the urine test. Instead of having to procure a urine sample, the saliva test simply involves taking a sample of saliva from the mouth with a swab, or stick. But to get an accurate result, the sample will have to be subjected to laboratory analysis, whereas with a urine test the analysis is much easier and can be done on-site. The saliva drug test is therefore not common in the workplace, for instance. The saliva drug test is common, though, in the increasingly important field of pre-employment testing, because samples can be obtained more easily than with the urine test and there is no need for instant results.

If you face random saliva drug testing at your place of employment, there are probably a lot of questions that you have about Saliva Drug Test Accuracy. Because saliva drug tests pick up toxins in your system from drugs used in the past several days, you'll have to make sure your system is always clean. Of course the best way to do this is to stay clean of drugs altogether - but of course false positives can also affect Saliva Drug Test Accuracy and result in a failing test, as well.

The Saliva Drug Test Accuracy has been deemed accurate enough for the United States court system, but the actually validity and accuracy really does vary from case to case. Lab processing of the test is required for the utmost Saliva Drug Test Accuracy, but there are no set of standards in place that require lab validation. Because of this, many employers, especially those who practice more frequent random drug tests, will try to save a buck and will try to read the results themselves. If you have failed a saliva test and you believe this is the case, don't be afraid to challenge the Saliva Drug Test Accuracy - you may be asked to submit to another test, which may buy you some more time to get your system clean.

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