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Passing Hair Drug Test

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What do you know about passing a hair drug test?

In today's modern world, there comes a different kind of drug screening in individuals - the hair drug test. The hair drug test is actually the most accurate means of detecting drug use. The hair drug test detects drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, opiates so forth.

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There are many myths about Passing a Hair Drug Test, and a lot of these myths are mistaken as fact due in part to the internet. All too often people think everything that they read on the World Wide Web is true, including information on Passing a Hair Drug Test, and then these same people don't understand why they've failed the test when it is all said and done. In this article, we will attempt to expel some of the more popular myths concerning Passing a Hair Drug Test.

Myth #1: Hair acts as a 'timeline' for drug use. While hair can detect toxins up to 90 days prior, the exact date and time that one last used cannot be determined by a hair test.

Myth #2: Dark-individuals are more likely to fail a hair test than light-haired individuals. This one is both true and false; regarding Passing Hair Drug Test, light-haired individuals have a better chance of passing when it comes to synthetic drugs such as cocaine.

Myth #3: If you shave the hair on your head, they won't be able to do the test. This is probably the biggest myth about Passing Hair Drug Test. Hair samples can and will be taken from any region on the body, including legs, arms, armpits and even pubic hairs.

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