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An opiate home drug test can be used in the detection of various opiates including heroin, morphine, opium and more. Different types of drug test kits are available to pass opiate drug test in the market to test opiate. But urine test is mostly used to testing for this is done with a simple urine sample.

Urine tests can remain positive for 1-2 days following an individual dose of heroin, and up to 4-5 days following cessation among chronic heavy users, or where high doses are used. The dosages used in most laboratory experiments (up to 14mg smoked) are lower than would be obtained from smoking a £10 bag (100-200mg) of typical purity street heroin (20-70%) - i.e. theoretical available dosages of 20 to 140mg pure drug.

If a test to determine heroin intoxication is required (as in driving cases), rather than just to determine whether an individual has used at some time in the near to medium-term past (e.g. for employment and rehabilitation purposes), an assay of morphine, and other markers (e.g. 6-monoacetyl morphine) is required from blood or saliva samples.

Presence of morphine in urine may indicate use of heroin in the previous 1-4 days, however positive medicines and poppy-seed foodstuffs can produce results.

Presence of drugs in urine provides only evidence of past exposure, and cannot provide evidence of a person being under the influence of a drug at the time the sample was taken, or at any particular point in the past

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