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See also, 'How to pass a hair drug test' and this website for more information to pass a hair drug test.

If you have used marijuana within the past few months, and you suddenly find yourself having to Pass Hair Drug Test, you are probably scrambling for a solution. You might even be throwing away your hard-earned dollars on expensive products, most of which don't even work in the first place. It is quite hard to Pass Hair Drug Test, but there are some things you can do to make the whole process a little bit less stressful at the very least.

First of all, don't shave your head, and don't ever try to use bleach or laundry detergent in an attempt to mask drug toxins or to Pass Hair Drug Test. Both of these are very big warning signs that you are trying to cover something up, and neither method really works anyway. Your best bet when trying to Pass Hair Drug Test is to wash your hair thoroughly several times a day with an Aloe rid cleanse, making sure to wash once again right before you leave home for the test. If asked about the type of shampoo you have been using, just tell them you have been using your normal shampoo and/or conditioner on a regular basis. There is no need for expensive detoxification solutions that leave a residue behind in an attempt to cover up toxins - some of these products may be tested for as well.

Hair drug testing is probably the least common of all types, but there are certain cases where it is implemented. Trying to Pass a Hair Drug Test is the hardest task out of all the different drug tests, and some even say that it is impossible. Detoxification shampoos and products often times don't work and besides this, your hair will be washed at the lab before the test anyway; this will remove any kind of masking solutions of shampoo residue design to fool the test.

You will also want to avoid shaving your head, which is a common thing that many naïve individuals do when they know they will have to Pass a Hair Drug Test. However, hair can be taken from anywhere on your body; your eyebrows, your arms, legs, armpits - anywhere. So this method is not going to work, either.

Your best bet when trying to Pass a Hair Drug Test when you know that your system is dirty, is to simply admit to prior drug use. Contrary to popular belief, strands of hair do not act as a timeline, and it cannot tell the date or time you last used drugs - but it will detect traces of drugs in your system from months prior.

One may consider the hair as a person's crowning glory. In fact, most people spend hours in front of the mirror fixing their hair. Aside from making each one of us look good, the hair has yet another function you might be interested in. In today's modern world, there comes another way of screening for drug use. Yes, using the hair! And it is actually the most accurate method of detecting drug abuse in individuals. It can detect drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, opiates and the like. It is known as the hair drug test.

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:: Hair Drug Test: ::

1. More Effective

:: Hair Drug Test: ::
This kind of drug test is convenient, it is now easy for schools and even employers to test students and employees to determine whether or not they have a drug in their bloodstream. The hair drug test come with detailed instructions to get hair specimens, and then send it to the laboratory for evaluation.

2. Why It Works:
According to studies, when a person takes in a drug, as with any other substances, such as food, medicines, or drinks, it mixes with our blood nourishes all parts of our body, including the head. Hints of these elements then become trapped or filtered through the hair, thus, as the hair grows, these toxins are stored in the hair. Interestingly, these chemicals become a part of the hair itself.

  • :: Hair Drug Test: ::
    Very precise
  • :: Hair Drug Test: ::
    Hair is then forwarded to the drug test facility
  • :: Hair Drug Test: ::
    Detects not just the drug in your system currently, but over the past three months!
  • :: Hair Drug Test: ::
    A two-inch length of hair can give that persons drug history for a four month period of time
  • :: Hair Drug Test: ::
    Hair drug test is much more costly than a urine test
  • :: Hair Drug Test: ::
    Hair drug test is now widely used due to it's effectiveness
3. The Hair Drug Test Procedure:
  • A hair drug test involves cutting a minimum of 50 strands of hair.
  • Hair must be cut approximately one and a half inches from the scalp.
  • Hair is then sent to the drug test lab.
  • The hair is actually screened and reviewed, then liquefied for final the test.
  • There are lots of hair drug test kits available today.
Pass a Hair Drug Test
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