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How To Pass a Saliva Drug Test

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There are many common questions when it comes to the subject of How to Pass a Saliva Drug Test; in fact more people have questions on the topic than you might even think. And that's exactly why we've put together this informative FAQ on How to Pass a Saliva Drug Test. The FAQ is brief but it is indeed accurate.

To understand principles behind saliva drug test technology, some saliva drug test knowledge is required. The saliva drug test is based on saliva that your salivary glands excrete. In effect, a saliva drug test is much like a blood drug test due to the fact that it is based on your bolidly fluid chemistry.

The saliva drug test works because regardless of ingestion method (drink, snort, shoot up, etc), all drugs are detectable for certain periods of time as your body metabolizes them. A saliva drug test actually detects these drug metabolites in your system, not the actualt drug used.

Hopefully after reading this FAQ you are a little bit better educated on the topic of and will know some steps to take to Pass a Saliva Drug Test.

Question: Will drinking water help me pass a saliva test?
Answer: No. However, brushing, flossing, and regular use of mouthwash can help.

Question: After using, how long does it take for a drug to be detected in my system through a saliva test?
Answer: Any drug that a saliva drug test screens for can be detected immediately after use.

Question: If I kiss somebody or drink from the same cup as somebody who has used drugs, will I test positive?
Answer: Though false positives have been known to happen, this one is not very likely whatsoever.

A prospective employee may be tested. When a person applies for a job he can be given a drug test immediately without being sent to a laboratory. Reliable results are available within minutes

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