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The hair follicle drug test is quite accurate and can test for many months, showing all of the drugs a person may have used in a sort of like a timeline fashion. Masking hair is effective, but only lasts a few hours, and this is why some drug testing companies who claim they can clean hair virtually forever are flat out incorrect. A person's epidermis contains adipose tissue (fat cells), which is where most drugs are stored to begin with.

Shaving your skull doesn't work either, because the testing agency will simply use hair on other parts of the body to administer the hair follicle drug test. Even a whole shave will not evade the drug test, because the hair that grows is just as good as the hair preceding it. Suffice it to say, once its in, its in.

Read the following Hair Follicle Drug Test Information to know the procedure of hair drug testing:

  1. Find an appropriate spot then twist the hair making sure the hair is more than 1/4 inch in diameter. This is almost always done in middle back of head
  2. Keeping the tightly twisted hair in one palm, spread open the hair container with the other hand, then enclose the hair as close to the donor's skin as possible.
  3. Place the tie around the hair. This keeps the hair intact during shipping and also indicates the root end.
  4. Cut the hair bundle to the scalp. Do not remove the hair.
  5. Return the tube holding the hair to its original position in the hair collection holder.

Finding proper Hair Follicle Drug Test Information is not exactly the easiest task - it's not like you can just walk into your doctor's office and ask for their recommendations on cleaning out your system for a drug test. Furthermore, there really isn't a whole lot of Hair Follicle Drug Test Information available, simply because it is the hardest single drug test to beat. It can be used to detect nearly any kind of illegal substance, and it can pick up traces of drugs that have been used 90 days prior to the hair follicle drug test, as well. Indeed, passing a hair follicle drug test isn't nearly as easy as it is to pass a urine or saliva test, but there are some things to remember in order to make your hair drug test a little bit easier.

A word to the wise, don't ever shave your head; it is a sure sign that you have something to hide, and they can take hair from any part of your body anyway. Secondly, avoid costly detox products that are not guaranteed - some might even have laundry detergent or bleach added which can be very harmful to your scalp and/or your hair.

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