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Hair drug testing is a new method of drug testing being embraced by today's drug testing industry. A majority of people are a bit skeptical about hair drug testing, perhaps believing a strand of hair could be tested for drugs is more urban legend than truth. Hair drug testing is quite real, used often in employee drug testing. A stand of hair detects years of previous drug exposure.

If you face possible Hair Drug Testing, it is a good idea to become familiar with the entire Hair Drug Testing process beforehand. This will help you get a better understanding on how exactly the test will be administered, and what exactly you can expect.

For the test, a strand of hair approximately an inch and a half long is necessary, which should be cut close to the scalp and near the crown of the head if possible. You will be instructed to twist a small bundle of hair between your fingers, slide the bundle into the collection tube, wrap a twist tie around the hair underneath the tube and then cut with the scissors. Most often times this is done by the person administering the Hair Drug Testing, but once in a while you may be asked to collect the sample yourself. If you are unsupervised while doing this, you can try taking the hair from another site on your body; this may improve your chances to pass the Hair Drug Testing if you know that your system is dirty. And that's it - the test is over. You'll go home, and wait for the hopefully negative test results to return.

Hair Drug Testing Procedure:

  • Hair drug testing involves cutting a minimum of 50 strands of hair
  • A lock of hair is cut approximately one and a half inches above the scalp
  • Hair is sent to a drug testing laboratory
  • Hair is screened, reviewed, then liquefied to go through final hair drug testing

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