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Hair Drug Testing Facts

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Hair testing detects all drug activity in-depth over a long period of time. Whenever a drug enters your bloodstream, either by ingestion, inhalation, or injection, it deposits a residue in a hair shaft , remaining there until the hair is cut. Like rings on a tree, whatever prior drug history you engaged in is recorded in hair. The longer a person's hair, the further back a drug habit is revealed.

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Hair Drug Testing Facts:

1. More Effective

Incorporating this kind of modern and convenient method, it is now easy to test individuals to determine whether or not they presently use or have used drugs in the past.

2. How It Works:

According to studies, when a person takes a drug, as with any other substance, such as food, medicine, or drinks, it mixes with blood, nourishing every cell of the body, including one's head. Drug metabolites filter through a hair follicle, where it is stored, thus as hair grows, these chemicals actually become a part of an individual's hair.

Because hair testing has become more and more common in areas where there is zero tolerance drug policy, it is important that you are aware of the Hair Drug Testing Facts before your appointment for a hair drug test. With the right Hair Drug Testing Facts you will have a better grasp on exactly what the test involves, and if nothing else this small article on Hair Drug Testing Facts might just help to calm some of your stress and ease some of your fears.

Fact #1: The majority of drugs screened for with a hair drug test can be detected up to 90 days after use. The exception to this is LSD, but tests are extremely rare for this substance; especially hair drug tests.

Fact #2: Shaving your head will not work, as hair from any part of your body can be used. Additionally, lab technicians usually make a note of any test subjects who come in with a freshly shaven head.

Fact #3: Most expensive detoxification shampoos on the market are only an Aloe rid solution, possibly with a small amount of laundry detergent added,

Fact #4: Cocaine and other synthetic drugs may stay in the system of dark-haired individuals longer when compared to those with lighter colored hair – this is one of the most important Hair Drug Testing Facts, and one that is relatively little-known.

3. How It's Done:

· A hair drug test involves cutting a minimum of 50 strands of hair

· Hair must be cut approximately one and a half inches from the scalp

· Hair is sent to a drug testing laboratory

· Hair is screened, reviewed, then liquefied for final testing

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