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There are a lot of common questions when it comes to drug tests, particularly hair tests, and people from all walks of life find themselves searching the World Wide Web for a Hair Drug Test Faq. Finding a Hair Drug Test Faq that has genuine information is hard to come by - most are advertisements aimed at doing nothing more but selling a product that doesn't even work. But here are a couple of the most frequently asked questions, in our miniature Hair Drug Test Faq.

A hair test is the most difficult drug test to beat next to a blood drug test. Hopefully however after reading this Hair Drug Test Faq you will have a better understanding on hair drug testing.

Q: Can a hair drug test determine the day I last used drugs?
A: No, but it can detect the presence of illegal drugs that have been used within 90 days in most circumstances.

Q: What if I shave my head?
A: Not only is this very suspicious, but it doesn't even matter if you do it anyway - they can test hair from anywhere on your body.

Q: Can I bleach my hair to get rid of toxins?
A: NO! Unless you want to take all of the color out of your hair, DO NOT put bleach into your hair under any circumstances.

Q: Will secondhand smoke cause my hair test to come up positive?
A: Not likely. Besides, the lab will shampoo your hair first to remove any such residue.

Q: What is Hair Drug Test?
Ans: Hair drug testing is the newest method of drug testing to be embraced by the drug testing industry.

Q: What is RIAH (Radioimmunoassay of hair)?
Ans: Psyche medics proprietary method for detecting drugs in hair using radioimmunoassay. RIAH measures the drug molecules permanently entrapped in the hair following ingestion.

Q: How sensitive is hair testing in detecting drug users?
Ans: Comparison studies have proven that Hair testing can be as much as 5-10 times more effective in identifying drug users than urinalysis.

Q: What drugs are included in a standard test?
Ans:Cocaine (including crack), marijuana, opiates (including heroin), amphetamines

Q: How fast does head hair grow?
Ans: Hair collected at the crown of the head grows on the average of approximately 1.3 cm (or 1/2 inch) per month. This growth rate varies among people by approximately + .2 cm per month which can create a possible time variation of up to +1 week per month.

Q: Can body hair be drug tested like hair from the head?
Ans: Body hair can be drug tested just as hair from the head. The growth rates for body are considerably slower than the hair from your head. Most body hair is replaced in about one year. It is challenging to precisely represent the time period of a standard screen with body hair so substances may be detected in body hair for up to 1 year after the substance left the blood stream.

Q: How much hair is needed?
Ans: A standard screen with GC/MS confirmation requires 40+ milligrams of hair or approximately 50 - 70 strands that are up to 3.9cm (or 1.5 inches) in length. The thickness and pigment color of different types of head hair (thick black vs. thinning gray) is the basis of this variation.

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