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Employers administer Drug testing that are very effective with detecting drug use in people. Workplace drug testing is an essential component of a prevention program because it serves as a deterrent to drug use by detecting drug use and can if performed properly identify employee or job applicants who are using illicit substances.

Drug Testing has become a very popular battle in the war on drugs that was started by Ronald Reagan, and it is still gaining in popularity in the 21st century. Indeed Drug Testing can now be found in a variety of careers and occupations, as well as even some private schools and universities. Drug Testing is in no way limited to those who are convicted criminals in this day and age. If you face any type of Drug Testing, there is some important information that you should consider before going for your test. Remember, knowledge is power; if you are armed with accurate information your chances of passing a drug test are greatly improved.

Drug Testing assists employees in recognizing and admitting their abuse problems so that they may obtain necessary treatment

Types of Drug Testing - see also 'Types of Drug Testing'

Pre-Employment Drug Testing
This is the most common form of testing. In this type of testing, a job applicant is normally asked to take a urine drug screen as part of the application procedure. If applicants fail the test, they are not given a job with the company.

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing
Employees can be asked to take a drug or alcohol test if their actions warrant it. Reasonable suspicion testing can be triggered by such factors as bizarre or extremely erratic behavior, the discovery of drug paraphernalia, or strong suspicion that an employee is at the moment under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.

Random Drug Testing
Unannounced or random testing is the form of testing most likely to identify substance abusers. Companies regulated by the Department of Transportation and Defense, in particular, require these test.

Post Accident Drug Testing
Any employee that is involved in an on-the-job accident? No matter what the cause- will be required to take a substance abuse test. It's been conclusively shown that this form of testing dramatically reduces the number of on-the-job accidents.

Through a urinalysis, some drugs can be detected up to 30 days after use; typically a blood test can only detect traces of drugs that have been used with the past several days (the same as saliva tests) however, for frequent users the toxins may remain in the body for several weeks instead. Through a hair test nearly all drugs can be detected up to 90 days after use; the exception here is Drug Testing for LSD, which is a very uncommon test in the first place.

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