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Drug test results for hair, blood, urine, saliva or other means are designed to detect whether an illegal drug or drug metabolite is present at test time. While there exist very broad estimates as to how long a particular drug may have been in an a person's tissues, no drug test, regardless of method, is intended to include a specific time variable.

Coming up with a Positive Drug Test Result is not a good thing. In fact, although it reads 'Positive' it is the complete opposite. Many people are fired, denied jobs or other benefits, and even imprisoned in this country because of a positive Drug Test Result.

Including the positive drug test result there are a number of other results your drug test can come back as. These include the Negative drug test result , False negative drug test result , False positive drug test result , True positive drug test result , and the Diluted specimen drug test result.

If you are caught off guard by a drug test, you can attempt to put off the test for a later time simply by telling them that you do not have personal identification on you. Without proper ID to verify your identity, the drug test cannot be performed and you'll be given (at least) a little bit of extra time to try and clean out your system and in the end hopefully come up with a negative Drug Test Result.

If you do get a positive drug test result your Drug Test Result can be disputed - you just need to make sure you raise the proper arguments. First of all, lay the groundwork for disputing it - don't act guilty by getting angry. Calmly explain that there has been an error and that you would like to take the test at a later date - even within the next 24 hours.

The key here is to buy yourself some time so you can effect the outcome of your drug test result. Once you get a little breathing space find a detox product to pass a hair drug test , pass a saliva drug test or pass a urine drug test.

Things not to claim to invalidate a positive drug test result include; Casual second hand smoke, the recent consumption of poppy seeds (on bread, for example). This has been scientifically proven

A word of caution - the use of dilution of your urine with bleach changes the PH levels of the liquid so significantly that this will raise a red flag ( called a diluted test result ), and depending on the circumstances you will either be asked to re-take the test or, in some cases, this will even result in an outright failing Drug Test Result. can show you how to pass a drug test with drug testing detox solutions that are guaranteed to pass hair drug tests, pass urine drug tests & pass saliva drug tests. When you need to beat a drug test turn to us for those answers - we'll be there to help. Passing a drug test is a must in these times and worries about beating a drug test is a thing of the past with our drug test detoxification products. When you need to know how to pass a drug test, urine, hair or saliva, don't leave it to random chance - our hair drug test, saliva drug test & urine drug test detox blends are the answer to how to pass your drug test! Pass your drug test today!

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