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See also, 'Drug Test'. Take drug testing seriously. It can take away your job or career, even if you're innocent of illicit drug use. Don't go for another job interview or spend another day at your present job, without knowing the facts. Some testing procedures have been shown to be wrong as much as 25% of the time. Are you prepared for that?

If you find yourself having to take a drug test, it is important that you know all of the facts about drug testing beforehand. Using this Drug Test Fact sheet, you can make sure that you are well informed before going in for your test. After all, you would study for any other test or exam, right? So why not study this Drug Test Fact sheet before your crucial test. If you require additional and more detailed drug test facts feel free to download this ebook to pass a drug test.

Following are the Drug Test Facts:

Drug Test Fact #1 - A drug test does not actually detect THC itself, nor does it detect the active ingredient of any drug. Instead it looks for the byproduct of drug use within your system. This is an important Drug Test Fact that many people overlook.

Drug Test Fact #2 - Hair does not act as a specific time line of your drug use. However, they do keep traces of any drug use within the past few months which can be removed with the use of a hair follicle shampoo which will enable you to pass a hair drug test.

Drug Test Fact #3 - It is illegal for any employer to monitor you while giving a urine sample - for a probation officer however, this is perfectly acceptable.

Drug Test Fact #4 - Contrary to popular belief you can pass a saliva drug test even though it is essentially blood based. Use our Stinger Saliva Mouthwash to pass a saliva drug test.

Drug Test Fact #5 - One last Drug Test Fact: Because Cannabinoids and traces of other drugs are stored in the fat cells of your body, it is not quite as simple to flush out your system quickly with most of the detox products that are currently on the market today. What you will need to do is flush drug toxins from your urinary tract so you can give a clean urine sample. Try our Stinger Total Body Detox to pass a urine drug test.

Need some drug test facts to pass a drug test? Never give the lab/ tester your first urine of the day. Toxins build up overnight and are heaviest in the morning. If possible void the first and last portion of your urine stream into the toilet. Only catch the middle of your urine stream for the sample. This portion will have the lowest amount of toxins.

Also try the following:

* Stop smoking.

* No heavy exercise within 48 hours of test.

* Take a vitamin B complex with each meal 48 hours before test.

* If your stomach permits, take two Aspirin with each meal.

* Schedule test for the afternoon.

* Urinate 6-8 times before test.

* Eat lots of proteins, carbohydrates and high fiber. Avoid salt.

* Don't skip meals, especially breakfast (3 per day).

* Avoid foods high in sugar, fruits, and fruit juices.

* Take a detoxifying product.

* Drink lots of fluids. Water is best.

* Relax. can show you how to pass a drug test with drug testing detox solutions that are guaranteed to pass hair drug tests, pass urine drug tests & pass saliva drug tests. When you need to beat a drug test turn to us for those answers - we'll be there to help. Passing a drug test is a must in these times and worries about beating a drug test is a thing of the past with our drug test detoxification products. When you need to know how to pass a drug test, urine, hair or saliva, don't leave it to random chance - our hair drug test, saliva drug test & urine drug test detox blends are the answer to how to pass your drug test! Pass your drug test today!

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